Buddies Gin ®

A local gin: woven for you. 

A Paisley Buddy. We don’t mean ‘buddy’ as in ‘pal’ (although we do think of you as pals too!) a Paisley Buddy is something else.

No one is 100% sure where the phrase came from, but the general consensus is it comes from the old Scots for ‘body’ - as in a body of people. It’s been used for centuries to describe folk from Paisley; a Paisley buddy.

It’s our heritage and a place we are proud of. There’s nothing like a group of Paisley buddies sharing a drink with each other. That’s what our gin is all about. Bringing people together, embracing our heritage and sharing a moment or two of bliss...


 When did Buddies Gin launch?


"It’s a funny story; it happened by accident. You know the kind of friend who gets very excited and is your number 1 fan. Well, my friend Mark Rowley (Paisley Buddie and star in The Last Kingdom, Netflix) is that friend. Our website was ready and our stock was ready to sell - but we hadn’t officially launched yet. I shared a picture of the bottle with him, asking for his opinion. He loved it. In fact, he loved it so much he shared it with his 300,000 followers on Instagram. So that was that. Buddies Gin was accidentally launched and it’s been growing ever since. Our very first order came from the Philippines."

Read a Q+A with Buddies Gin® Director David Montgomery}

Original Limited Edition "Paisley Pattern" 50cl Bottle


Buddies Gin Paisley Pattern

Weaving together a wealth of flavours, our Original Limited Edition "Paisley Pattern", Buddies Gin® has a rich and diverse taste - just like our Paisley heritage.

First, you’ll experience a warming cardamon flavour, with fresh notes of eucalyptus, followed by an aromatic spice and cedar wood on the nose. On the finish, you’ll notice a subtle, lemony sweetness.


Cassia Bark 

Free click and collect available to order online and pick up at White Cart Company, 30 High Street Paisley PA1 2BZ Tel: 0141 889 9920

Donoghue v Stevenson "Paisley Snail" 90th Anniversary Bottle


 *£7 donation from each bottle purchased donated to LawScot Foundation [SCIO Scottish Charity Number SC046547]

The Snail. The Bottle. A drop of Paisley. 

Perhaps the most famous legal case in history, the 'Paisley Snail' is the story of a horrified Mrs Donoghue who believed she found a decomposed snail in her drink. After becoming ill, she sued the ginger beer manufacturer, Mr Stevenson, and changed the law forever - although the snail was never found. 

Share a moment in history; while supporting the lawyers of the future in a partnership with the charity LawScot Foundation [SCIO Scottish Charity Number SC046547] 

*Unlike Mrs Donoghue, you won't find a snail in this bottle. 

Tasting Notes

"A refreshing minty fresh gin with intense top notes of woody pine. The body is fragrant herbs with a spoonful of sweet marmalade. A long, clean and crisp finish with a pinch of cracked black pepper."