Botanicals in Buddies Gin - Our Plant Ingredients from Berries to Peels

Buddies Gin is unique in representing 'The Spirit of Paisley'. We wanted the taste of our premium craft gin to be bright and memorable - and we got the ingredients just right!

Buddies Gin is infused with a creative selection of plant-based ingredients, from berries to citrus peels. Some of them are conventional, others are making a statement.

We've tested the combination carefully over the years, and the resulting taste is everything we hoped to produce when we established our gin company. 

Buddies Gin specifically chosen ingredients make it taste exactly how we wanted it to. Let's go over each botanical we're using and explain what it contributes to the unique taste of Buddies Gin.


Juniper is an essential botanical that makes gin - gin. Without it, gin would not have the unique and complex taste that we love it for. It is an evergreen shrub that produces small, dark blue berries that have a distinctive flavour and aroma - it's been used in drinks for centuries.

With that said, juniper berries are the main ingredient that defines Buddies Gin as a spirit. 

As the main ingredient in our high-end gin, juniper berries give it its characteristic piney, resinous, and citrusy notes.

Angelica root

Angelica root is a botanical that is commonly used in gin distillation - this gin herb has a woody, earthy, and slightly sweet flavour and aroma. 

Angelica is the binder that helps harmonise all other gin ingredient plants giving it a smooth and balanced taste.

Angelica adds depth and complexity to Buddies Gin. Most other luxury gins are angelica-infused, so it's the golden standard gin herb.

Cassia bark

Cassia bark is a gin ingredient that we use to add a warm, sweet, and spicy flavor. It is a type of cinnamon that comes from the bark of East Asian trees. It is noticeably thicker than cinnamon and has a hotter, sweeter taste that is less aromatic than true cinnamon. 

In gin, Cassia adds complexity to the base flavours and manifests as a warming, earthy spiciness, prominent in the finish.

Some of our buddies say that Cassia bark gives our gin a cozy, friendly taste - which is exactly what we wanted.


Cardamom is a type of seed pod that comes from plants in the ginger family. It has a green or black colour, with the former being more common and more suitable for gin.

Cardamom gives Buddies Gin a fresh and exotic taste.


Ginger is not common among mass-market gins, - and we've added it to Buddies Gin to stand out with a zesty, spicy, and warming flavour.

Ginger notes in Buddies Gin will open up even more if you use actual ginger root to prepare cocktails, infusions, or syrups. But once you feel the cookie-resembling zest in our gin you'll be looking for a ginger touch in every gin.


Nutmeg is a gin botanical that we add for a sweet, earthy, and spicy flavor. The spice adds a noticeable heat and a long, spicy sweetness to the finish of Buddies Gin.

Lemon peel

Lemon peel is a flavor discovery we're proud of - and it gives Buddies Gin its distinct tarty aroma. 

While lemon is the most common garnish and is used in countless gin cocktails, adding lemon peel during distillation is part of our cultural know-how. 

The crispness and brightness of lemon peel nicely offsets and compliments the heavier juniper and earthier spice notes.

Toasted orange peel

We've added toasted orange peel to Buddies Gin to add a caramelised, smoky, and bitter flavour. 

It's an uncommon gin ingredient - but Paisley is not an ordinary town either. We created Buddies Gin to be a bold and distinct brand - and that's exactly how it turned out!

Treat yourself or your Buddies to a bottle today and experience the vibrance for yourself!


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